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Real estate in Spain has been part of a huge boom in Europe, and with very good reason. Spain has always offered a wide range of reasons as to why it is so attractive to people around the world, the main reason being the countless days of sunshine all year round.

In Spain you have to be classed as either a resident, or a non-resident. If you own a property in Spain then you will have had to pay local standard taxes such as the council tax and other local taxes covering amenities.

As you probably have noticed by now, Spanish Inheritance Tax and inheritance law is far from simple and in all cases it is advisable to seek qualified professional advice in order to make the best arrangements for you and your family.

The residency application form is usually submitted through the designated police station within the province area where you reside. Whether you plan to stay for a short set period or permanently, it is necessary, and as time progresses the intervals between renewals will become larger.

Abad Lawyers and Accountants offers its specialised services for those who have a business in Spain, providing a great knowledge of the applicable legislation and practical reality in Spain.

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In addition, our clear international vocation allows us to advise companies and individuals not resident in Spain.

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