Abad Abogados, appointed within the BEST LAWYERS directory

Our Managing Director Isaac Abad Garrido has been recognized with BEST LAWYERS! We are very happy to report that we have been informed that our Managing Director, Isaac Abad Garrido has been included in the prestigious ranking of BEST LAWYERS OF SPAIN, of which is a recognition of the work that has been achieved and an incentive to continue providing the best service for our customers. Being included in this list of ranking, considers him as one of the best lawyers in Spain, in particular his specialization in Tax Law stands out. Isaac Abad Garrido is a Lawyer, Economist, Accounts Auditor, Master in Business Tax Consulting from the Institute of Businesses, Managing Director of Abad & Asociados Abogados & Economistas, member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Law, Vice Secretary of the College of Economists of the Region of Murcia and is currently the Coordinator of the Fiscal Section of the College of Lawyers in Murcia. The Best Lawyers is the oldest and most reputable Directory of Lawyers in the world.