Corporate services in Spain

Abad Lawyers and Accountants offers its specialised services for those who have a business in Spain, providing a great knowledge of the applicable legislation and practical reality in Spain which makes Abad the best partner for the development of your business.

To be able to count on professionals that have extensive experience in all types of business services with Spanish and English language proficiency and knowledge of how to work in other countries as well as in multinationals (progress reports, agility in the information, systematization, etc. .) makes us one of the leading candidates to take into consideration for the provision of services for your company (accounting, payroll, intellectual property, debits and Due Diligence).

By using our company for the outsourcing of your business in Spain you can save a lot of headaches given that the world of accounting and tax obligations are, in themselves, complex in your own country, therefore having to work with a different language and different rules & regulations, would make it impossible to complete your duties properly, which can cause innumerable damages (penalties, sanctions, embargoes, etc..).

That is why, if you want to focus on the operation of your business in Spain, and have the confidence that the accounting and administration of your business is in good hands, contact us. We will be happy to help.