Inheritance in Spain

As you probably have noticed by now, Spanish Inheritance Tax and inheritance law is far from simple and in all cases it is advisable to seek qualified professional advice in order to make the best arrangements for you and your family.

At Abad & Associates we have extensive experience in fulfilling the last wishes of the deceased and to get their assets in Spain to their rightful heirs. We are prepared for any probate of any size or complexity, and we often act as executors ensuring that the last will of the deceased is satisfied, performing all legal and tax formalities to complete the process without any tension.
The rules and rates for Spanish Succession Tax vary according to the relationship between the donor and beneficiary, but unmarried couples and step-children usually pay more tax than spouses and natural children. The individual regions can vary the Spanish succession tax (SST) allowances and tax rates, but only if the beneficiary and the deceased are habitually resident in the region. Habitual residents mean they need to have lived in the country for five years.
ABAD lawyers and accountants can complete the proceedings for you and your family, we can ensure that your will is correctly done enabling a hassle free time for your family members given the circumstances, at least giving them one less thing to be concerned with.