Banktrupcy in Spain

Bankruptcy in Spain

If one of your debtors in Spain has filed an application for bankruptcy, you must contact with a lawyer expert in these arrangement of creditors for the purpose of enforcing all rights that may correspond. You should know that you have various rights as a creditor, that if not exercised, you will never be able to assert afterwards, so we recommend that you contact urgently a specialized lawyer as Abad & Asociados Abogados.

If you purchased a property off plan and before handing over, the developer has submitted a Volunteer Bankruptcy, do not throw in the towel yet thinking you have lost everything, at Abad & Asociados we can discuss your case in order to find ways to help you get your money, representing you in the bankruptcy proceedings and filing claims that are suitable for this.

The declaration of Bankruptcy of Spanish companies is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). If you have given to us your case, Abad & Associates performs a daily monitoring to ensure that your rights do not prescribe because you have not been informed that the company has submitted bankruptcy. Have in mind that if your payments are not included for any reason in the accounts of the company in bankruptcy and you fail to request your right to such credit to the designated Bankruptcy Administrators, you may lose any hope of collecting amounts due to you.

Abad & Asociados has an extensive experience in bankruptcy having been designated repeatedly as Bankruptcy Administrator by the Commercial Court in Murcia, and representing the interests of hundreds of affected creditors of building promoter companies (Aifos Ochando Golf, Trampoline Hills, Reyal Urbis, Martinsa-Fadesa, etc).