Defend your building defects in Spain with us

Building defects in Spain

If your Community of Owners or building where you have your property has experienced cracking, displacement, humidity, dislodging of the concrete of  balconies, subsidence, problems in the facilities, paint deterioration  in facades, elevators that fail to function properly, etc.. Possibly it would be interesting to check if the responsibility for these problems is not the Property Developer, Builder, Architect or Surveyor.

In Abad & Asociados Lawyers we defend court proceedings in building defects claiming, after exhausting all ways of negotiation possible, against the person legally responsible for the damage caused. For this we have assistance from expert architects specializing in the issuance and defence of Expert Reports for Building Defects Opinion.

Do not worry about the cost of the claim as we will give you a customized offer as per your specific case so that it will not be a problem to claim those responsibilities to those who have generated such serious inconveniences in your property.