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Business in Spain

Many people chose to invest in Spain and they do it in many different ways. Business in Spain has many benefits, apart from the sun shining all year round, but financially. People who come to Spain usually enjoy their time here, and see it as the perfect investment for both long and short term plans.

While a lot of investment in Spain comes from property, or at least it used to when Spain first began its international appeal, people soon realised that Spain had a lot of potential for growing businesses in terms of resources and untouched markets. Realising this, the Spanish government set out to improve market conditions in terms of starting up companies, running them, grants and incentives to help promote the business sector growth throughout Spain.

If you have ever thought about forming a firm/company in Spain, then your time just might be perfect, because currently there are many government incentives to help make your business venture successful. With the property market being what it is, makes it even more accessible to buy at a good price in Spain, meaning that you will soon win back the initial capital invested. Unfortunately it would be necessary to bear in mind the taxes and cost involved in running a business, but no more than any business would in any country, but most likely with lower maintenance costs. The profit margin in Spain for businesses tends to be rather substantial and most people would agree that their standard of living has greatly improved when having moved to Spain.

It is strongly advisable that if you are to start up a business, whatever the nature of the business, that you should consult a professional who knows what they are doing in terms of Spanish rulesregulations, taxation, and accounting. If you are able to use the same firm for both legal and financial assistance, then one reinforces the other avoiding any complications down the line. You will need help through the Spanish system particularly for set up and possibly for maintenance and general running as mistakes can end up costing a lot of money.

In Spain whether you choose to live here or not, you will need to begin by getting Spanish documentation and then following the process through. Once started as the owner you will be responsible for the correct taxation and accounting books, which are submitted every quarter. This also means that you will have to be registered properly with the tax office and have the appropriate tax code allowing all your taxes to be issued accordingly.

ABAD LEGAL and FINANCIAL firm have all the knowledge, experience and resources to make your business venture a success and assist you all the way from purchasing, running, expanding and eventually in some cases selling. We can offer our clients a full company service package allowing them to simply enjoy their new life style.