The conveyance package that Abad offers includes the following service and stages for buying a property in Spain. Pre-purchase agreement Before the completion of the purchase of the property the client shall have at their disposal the tools to arrive at a completion date readily and efficiently. 1. Legal and tax advice 2. Checks for any debt and responsibilities associated with the property 3. Request of relevant documents, verifications and certificates, like the “Nota Simple” (document proving properties registration and description.) 4. Applying for corresponding papers where necessary through the town hall 5. Reviewing mortgages and utilities if existence 6. Assistance in obtaining a NIE number and setting up a Spanish bank account (necessary for purchase) Completing the purchase 1. Organising the signing of the deeds involving all parties overviewing and terminating the transaction in agreement with all participants. 2. Informing of all possible costs and expenses incurred (including relative taxes) and arranging their payment through client’s bank account. 3. Accompanying clients to the public notary offering advice and translation where needed or acting on their behalf as power of attorney. After service 1. Registration of the property with the Land Registry and the Tax Authorities as well as 2. Establishing any payment in the case of any taxes where there is no mortgage; in the case of a mortgage the present bank will arrange certain aspects 3. Cancelation of pervious mortgage and land registry if existence 4. Change of the utilities Additional services The following services are highly advisable upon ownership in Spain. 1. Spanish Will 2. Registration of NIE numbers with the Tax Authorities, for tax purposes 3. Fiscal representation