If you decide to start a company in Spain, you will have to keep records in accordance with Spanish legislation which will require you to have the right professionals. In Abad & Asociados Accountants we manage the accounting of numerous subsidiaries of multinational companies and companies started by expatriates in Spain. We will resolve your doubts about the application of accounting standards in Spain, providing regular information on the development of your business in Spain; we will take care of the preparation and deposit of the annual accounts as well as the legalization of the accounting books. We will respond in a quick manner to all your doubts in your own language, ensuring the accuracy of the keeping of the accounts of your company, which, do not forget, can derive, if not properly presented in heavy penalties for the Manager of the company. Gain peace of mind and reduce operating expenses, put your trust in professionals for the keeping of your accounting, trust Abad & Asociados Accountants. Taxation Abad & Asociados Tax Advisers will take care of the tax obligations of your company, ensuring it complies with the Spanish Treasury (AEAT), preparing and presenting on your behalf all the fiscal forms regarding the VAT, income tax deduction (IRPF), corporate income tax, etc. We will send you regular information regarding deadlines and income tax liabilities generated by your business so you can plan your payments with sufficient time and provide us with the information required for completion. Once presented your tax forms you will receive copies in pdf for your registration in their respective files. If you wish, we will handle your E-Mail Enabled Address (DEH) so we receive all electronic notifications issued by the Spanish Tax Agency to your company, to avoid losing the opportunity to make claims, pay on time to avoid late fees, process Appeals against administrative affairs, etc. In short, if you have a business in Spain, trust Abad & Asociados Tax Advisors for the advice on the taxation of the business, you will prevent a lot of headaches.