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Enterpreneur VISA

As it name implies you must start a new business in Spain to be granted this visa. Also, the business project must be of “public interest”, which means that:

  • 1. It has to be a business project which creates new jobs or,
  • 2. It has an economic impact on the community or,
  • 3. It contributes to scientific and/or technological innovation.
In any case, the Spanish Commercial and Economic Office will decide whether each project meets one of these requirements or more, but have in mind that one is enough to qualify for visa approval.

It is important to stress that regardless it is obtained the Entrepreneur Visa it only lasts one year. After it has expired you will need a Resident Visa, which grants a renewable two-year stay period.

In order to obtain this new Visa is required to fulfill the following additional requirements:
  • 1. Application must be made by the end or within 90 days since the Entrepreneur Visa expiry date.
  • 2. Have visited Spain at least once during the previous Visa period.
  • 3. Must maintain the initial requirements for the Entrepreneur Visa.
  • 4. Tax and social security regulations observance
In addition to this, before the Entrepreneur Visa, it can be requested a one-year Initial Visa to start a new business in Spain. Thanks to the Schengen Agreement as soon as Spanish Visa is obtained you´ll be able to freely travel across the EU.

Abad & Asociados can help you with all the legalities to obtain your Entrepeneur Visa, giving all the necessary steps until the obtention of your VISA, besides, we are in conditions to offer you all sorts of services for your new project in Spain such us formation of the Company, Accountancy, Tax Advice, and advice about the Spanish Regulations of the Company.