Many people from individuals to companies have chosen to invest in Spain, and for many different reasons. Some of those reasons consist of the most obvious of all is the amazing climate it offers all year round opening market to a worldwide section of clients, as well as being able to support a variety of sectors with a diversifying range. Other people may have invest because they have been able to tap into new markets in Spain, but an appealing from almost everyone is that there are several grants and incentives on offer not only directly from Spain, but the European Union. With the aim of improving economic growth with in Spain including international trade, companies are begin given financial aid among other aspects to encourage movement in Spain and ensuring a successful business venture. Like most assistance it will depend on the size of the company, with the amount of employees being a factor, given that a company may be consider macro for example. Each company apply will of course have to pass the particular criteria, with in certain boundaries and minim and maxim thresholds and will be granted when approved the corresponding assistance. Below are some of the governing bodies which are responsible for granting funds and incentives • MINECO – Ministry of economy and competitiveness • MINHAP – Ministry of finance and public administration • ICO – Official credit institute • MINETUR – Ministry of industry, energy and tourism • Invest in Spain • Foundation of training in employment • EIB – European investment bank • EIF – European investment bank There are many more organisations and bodies, that form part of grants, funding, investment and incentives for companies. Each organisation will deal with different companies depending on their sector, nature, size, capital, and other deciding factor. Of course the type of aid, whether in the load of subsidies, loans, grants, capital, credit , leasing or third party financing, will depending of contributing elements mentioned above. ABAD’S LEGAL and FINANCIAL team would more than happy to get involved with any project you might be considering and explore all the best possibilities, that would either get your company off the ground or improve it.