To begin business in Spain with your new company, the company must be correctly registered with the CENTRAL MERCANTILE REGISTER in terms of the company name´s and being recognised officially. The Spanish Mercantile Register is a list of company names which represent businesses and that can be used solely for informational purposes for those who wish to search for a company. To begin the formation of a company, apart from having relevant documentation prepared which should consist of proof of identity of all those parties involved and to which will appear on the title deeds, you need to have a name for the company that has not already been taken. The name chosen usually has some relation to the nature of the company. Through the Mercantile registry you will be given a certificate that will temporarily reserve that name, as well as being presented with a negative certificate, that verifies that the name reserved is not already registered. With this certificate, you are able to go to the notary and obtain the titles deeds, which is where the owner, director and shareholder whether singular or plural are listed according to importance to the firm.