Your reclamations to your insurance is easy with Abad Abogados

Insurance claim in Spain

If you have had an accident in Spain and have insurance in Spain, at Abad & Asociados Abogados, we can help. We will process your claim with your insurance company, trying to reach an agreement satisfactory to you, or, otherwise, we will vigorously defend your interests by filing the most suitable legal proceedings for you. This will ensure the involvement of independent lawyers who will speak in your language and will keep you constantly informed of the status of your file, giving you peace of mind.

You should know that most of the existing insurances in the market have legal coverage included in your Policy, so that our legal services will probably not cost you anything. In case you had any previous cost, we will provide you a previous budget in order for you to be accepted, working if necessary through the method “no win no fee”.

The reality is that the interests of the insurance company may not be the same as yours, and insurance companies will not refer you to a lawyer who is able to speak your language and understand your concerns, therefore, trust Abad & Asociados Abogados, and sleep easy knowing that we will defend your interests and obtain the maximum compensation for you.