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On the 6th of October 2015, Law 42/2015 of the 5th of October, amending Law 1/2000 of the 7th January on Civil Procedure was published in the BOE (the Official State Bulletin).

The publication contains some important changes in civil procedure among which the most important is that it will be compulsory for professionals, courts and prosecutors from 1st January 2016 to use telematic or electronic means in the Administration of Justice for the presentation of papers, documents and for performing any acts of judicial communication and for the reinforcement of the prosecutor’s role. It also introduced, among other things, changes in the regulation of verbal trial procedures, highlighting the formality that a written response has; it incorporates the possibility of official judicial review of unfair terms in consumer contracts in respect of the demands for payment terms and enforcement of arbitral awards and it amends the statute of limitations contained in Article 1964 of the Civil Code shortening the general limitation period for personal actions, that have no specific statute of limitations stated, to five years.

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