Your litigation process in Spain could be easy with Abad Abogados

Litigation in Spain

Court proceedings in Spain are no more complicated than court proceedings in your country of origin, but require qualified lawyers to participate in them. In Spain, the lawyers are the ones who appear in court, there are no distinction between Solicitor and Barrister like in Anglo-Saxon countries.

However, In Spain, the presentation of documents in the courts is entrusted exclusively to the barristers, and therefore apart from a lawyer you will need a barrister to participate in a court proceeding.

Abad & Asociados has a broad courtroom experience representing successfully the interests of non-residents and foreign companies in Spain. We have filed lawsuits against developers, against banks, against savings banks and against insurance companies. Lawyers of Abad & Asociados Abogados have participated in Probate Lawsuits, Complaints of Domestic Violence, Fraud, Undue Appropriations, etc.

Our reputation as independent litigators, strong and experienced has made us a benchmark in the industry, which makes our customers happy and our opponents worried when we are the ones to defend their interests.

If you are looking for a Law firm in Spain, absolutely independent that can defend your interest vigorously in court and honest with you, have no doubts; Abad & Asociados is your law firm for litigations in Spain.