Mortgage services to buy your home in Spain

Mortgage services

ABAD lawyer and accountant firm are experienced and specialised in property services and this includes Spanish mortgages.

ABAD solicitors and accountants offers a tailor made service to all the clients that requires it, providing them with the best possible outcome depending on their needs. We can either simple assist the client in finding a mortgage that bests suits their profile, or complete the process for them. What this means is that we have the resources to find and compare various lenders and negotiate the terms and conditions. Whether you would like to involve us in setting up a mortgage, renegotiating terms, or cancellation, we would be happy to help and give advice.

It is always a good idea to look in to your finances before looking at properties because it gives you orientation when viewing. It is always good to have a price range in mind; it avoids putting yourself in the awkward position of falling in love with a house and then finding out that you are unable to purchase it. This also stops you looking outside of what you can afford or allowing you to spend a little more when you find something ideal, with the peace of mind that you can.

Seeking professional assistance is strongly suggested when buying abroad or in this case buying in Spain as they will have knowledge on procedures and applications, as well as market conditions that will aid you in making an informed decision. When you have all the relevant information at hand you can then decide how you wish to move forward with a mortgage, such as what percentage do you want etc.

ABAD offers the complete mortgage package, which can be included in our conveyance package to help facilitate your experience. Our mortgage services extend from purchase to selling, as well as assisting and advising on already existing mortgages.