It is a good and probably a wise idea to have your finances roughly in order, when buying abroad or in particular when buying in Spain. This allows you to concentrate on what you are able to buy according to your situation. Seeking consultation will help you understand and assess present financial circumstances and market conditions. If you decide to leave your finances to the last minute it may end up costing you more money and with unfavourable and inflexible conditions. Anyone buying a property in Spain, whether with a mortgage or not, you should always include in your budget enough to cover all additional costs. You should include an estimated 10% to 15% of the property price on top of the purchase price to cover costs and expenses, such as Spanish taxes (local and national), notary, lawyer, property appraisal, deeds, etc. The services ABAD lawyer firm offer includes the following areas. • Searching and comparing lenders to suit client • Submitting mortgage application • Setting up mortgage and negotiating terms and conditions • Renegotiating already existing mortgages, to improve terms • Organising the sale to a property, while ceasing mortgage payments • Cancelation of mortgages • Repossession proceedings. We are able to achieve very good conditions for clients with Spanish lenders due to experience and because we keep up to date on all current affecting factors, allowing for informed decisions. Mortgages can be a good option for a lot of people wishing to purchase a home in Spain. It allows the buyer a little more flexibility with their money and make take the pressure off a little bit. Many people given the economic state are taking advantage of record over interest rate with in the Euro-zone, and using it to borrow money, in this case to get a good deal on mortgage rates. Of course actual rates and commissions will depend on each bank or lender. There are a few more cost involved with taking out a mortgage, but you can be sure that your property will be in good hands as the bank will need all documentation in order, meaning that the investment will be a sound one. It is advisable to seek advice for the additional reason that it ensures that all the costs you pay are justified and right.