NIE Identification number

NIE Number

The Spanish national identification number for non-residents or the numero de identification de extranjeros is more commonly known as the NIE number.

The NIE is needed for all purchases and any financial activity conducted in Spain and is impossible to do so without one. It is a legal requirement to possess a NIE in Spain. It is similar to the national insurance number in the UK and acts as a personal tax code.

The process can be difficult and length, particularly if there is a misunderstanding due to language. This is why numerous people have contracted our service including the NIE process giving them piece of mind that all issued will be resolved.

The NIE service consists of the following process.

Requirements from the client with in the European Union
  • Request the EX15 application form, which is to be filled in.
  • Photo copies of a valid passport.
  • Documentation proving the reason for application including Nota Simple or copy of the purchase contract.
  • And power of attorney if needed.
  • Payment of government administration charges.
Requirements from the client without side the European Union All of the above plus:
  • Photographs
  • Bank certificates in some cases
In person with assistance:
  • 1. We advise a meeting previous to going to the local authorities to ensure all the paper is in order preferably a day or two before.
  • 2. We then arrange a meeting at a police station to submit to documentation.
  • 3. With us the NIE number should be issued normally on the same day.
If you are unable to be in Spain or would like us to complete the whole process for you ABAD solicitors can act as power of attorney, in which case you will not have to be present at all, and it can all be done form your country of origin.

In order to facilitate the process we can organise an additional transport service, to our offices should the client need it.