The NIE Express is a service that Abad offices offer to clients to obtain their NIE number as quickly as possible without them necessarily being present for the entire process. The NIE number is a legal obligation for anyone wanting to conduct business in Spain or make a purchase over the amount of three thousand Euros (3000). The NIE is needed for almost all activities and procedures throughout the whole of Spain, such as:
  • – bank account and loans
  • – mobile sim-cards
  • – utilities
  • – employment
  • – buying and selling.
  Once the client has decided to go ahead with their endeavour they will need to leave us with all the relevant documentation as well as power of attorney to act on their behalf. We will then apply and collect the NIE for you, which we will either send it to you if you wish, or hold it for you until you are able to return to Spain. The process is similar to that of the “in person” NIE process, with the same documents needed from the client, in addition to the certified power of attorney document need enabling us to complete the registration on your behalf. Depending jurisdiction our NIE Express service can take only one day since all the paperwork is presented, which sometimes is really an advantage from using the traditional system. A Power of attorney can be granted to our Law Firm ABAD enabling us to act on behalf of the client allowing them complete flexibility and mobility as they will not have to be present is Spain and everything will be accomplice from where ever the clients resides in the knowledge that the all matters are dealt with efficiently and smoothly. Power of attorney has to be presented at a notary and certified, which specifies exactly who they are appointing to act in their name and what they are empowering them with for only particular usage, in this case to fulfil the NIE application. The client will need to present at a public notary either in Spain or in their own country in order to sign and with a copy of their passport. The notary is a pre-arranged meeting and therefore should not take very long and is usually done in the morning. Before the notary it is advisable to contact us to run through paperwork and clarify any questions the client might have. After power of attorney has been given we will need the client to leave us with the following documents for the NIE.
  • – Copies of a valid passport
  • – Documents confirming reason for application, like the purchase contract for a house.
  • – Funds to cover government administration charges
  • – For non-EU citizens, recent photographs.
Power of attorney can also be given to us for other aspect should you need it. Clients are able to ask us to represent them for numerous activities such as for the buying/selling a property and as fiscal representation.