The NIE number stands for “numero de identificación de extranjeros” or in others words non-residents foreigners or identification number. In Spain it is important and necessary to have a NIE number in order to operate on a personal or professional level. It is not just for foreigners, all Spanish persons also have an identification number. It is essential the persons wanting to do any form of transactions in Spain must be in possession of a NIE number. ABAD provided as part of one of the services we offer to assist or obtain on behalf of the client their NIE number, which can be at times particularly difficult especially with a language barrier. We offer the complete the process quickly and efficiently. So what exactly is the NIE number and why do you need one? The NIE number is a legal requirement for any non-residents wishing to perform any financial proceedings or activity in Spain, as well as including any purchases over three thousand euros (3000 Euros). The NIE number is an identification number that is similar to the National insurance number in the United Kingdom. It serves as a tax code for all tax purposes (national tax). The Spanish government has recently linked the NIE number with other departments, incorporating social security number, residency and the residence card. However, you cannot get all elements before first apply for and obtaining the NIE number. Once you have that you are then eligible to apply for residence after a set amount of time spent in Spain. In terms of the social security, you will be allocated a number if you pay certain taxes in Spain or you are working. In the case that you are working in Spain then you are entitled to be able to use the full social security services including the national health system. The NIE is a document on a standard A4 page for European Members and a card for all non-European Members that is issued by local police administration authorities. This document states your full name, as it would appear on your passport, along with your date of birth and other small details you will have to prove upon applying as well as your allocated number. This certificate is valid throughout the whole of Spain and is usually valid for three months until you have to renew it. The number itself remains the same, even when you renew it. This document is not a form of proof of identity, for that you will have to continue using your passport. Once you have acquired the NIE you are able to conduct business in Spain, whatever aspect that might be. The NIE permits you the buy and sell, property, vehicles and anything else. You are able to open bank accounts, mobile communications (pay-as-you-go sim cards etc..) and any transactions over 3000 euros.