Tax registration in Spain is required when for any fiscal conduct, activities, transactions and investment. Tax registration refers to being allocated a tax code/number by a Spanish government body, which you all be able to use all over Spain and is needed in most situations. There you two number you can apply for apply for in Spain that will act as your tax registration.
  • The NIF number which stands for “Número de Identificación Fiscal”, the tax identification number.
  • The NIE number which stands for “Número de Identidad Extranjero”, the foreigner identity number.
  • – These numbers provide the name and other identifying details of the entity to which the code has been allocated.
Legal entities due to registration are required to be in possession of a tax identification number and in the case of individuals a foreigner identity number. Essentially the NIF and the NIE are the same. However, the NIF number is purely for tax purposes only and is mostly used by legal entities (companies). The NIE number is for each individual person wishing to operate in Spain, not just as a company, and it incorporates the tax code, so serving as the NIF, as well as other identifying details. Even though you have registered for the NIE number and the NIF number is essentially the same it does not mean that you are registered with the tax office even is the allocated number is the same you still have to ensure the NIF number is active in order to process tax, such as property and council tax. It also allows you to access information online, like upcoming bills. ABAD solicitors will make sure that you not only have your NIF number but that is properly registered at tax matters and active. The other identifying code is the CIF, the “Certificado de identificación fiscal”, which is the tax identification for all companies. This is not need on an individual level. You will initially have to apply for the NIE, in order to get the other codes, because while they are separate, they are linked to your personal information, which only the NIE contains. Once you have the NIE you can acquire all the relevant codes as needed. Upon submission of the forms and documents ABAD Lawyer firm will ensure that everything is in order and that the client is correctly registered, without future complications. We also provide addition services in terms of fiscal representation and taxes. It is necessary and a legal obligation for all persons to be registered with the tax offices to avoid any unpleasant taxes and fines for non-payment, which tend to be unfortunately large. We are continually updating our information making sure we are aware of current taxes and charges whatever the situation.