Can I avoid paying tax in Spain?

No not really. Even through you are not resident in Spain you still have to pay the Spanish equivalent of council tax and income tax for owning a property in Spain. If in addition to owning a property you also generate income form it then you must also declare that income.

Can some you do my taxes for me?

Yes of course. Usually it is a registered financial representative who will arrange payments and calculate the amount so that you re able to pay it, as well as being able to spilt payments if needed. This is good idea to ensure no late charges.

How do I know if I am a non-resident tax payer?

If you permanent address is not in Spain and you do not spend more than 183 days here then you are not classed as a resident, but a non-resident. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days then you apply of residency and if you are here more than 183 days then you must have residency in Spain. In the mean time you are a non-resident and are only eligible for certain taxes.

How do I pay my taxes?

The taxes you will have to pay between May and July will be the IBI or council tax, and income tax, can be taken directly from your Spanish bank account after you submit the forms. The IBI is an annual tax and is sent out automatically in the form of a letter and so can also be paid directly through a bank. If you have a financial representative they will organise the payments.

How much will the taxes be?

The income tax as long as no actual income is generated is relatively small. The IBI, or council tax is a percentage of the property’s cadastral value which is the amount that the local authorities deem a minimum value for the house.

What happens if I don’t submit the non-resident tax form?

Not much in the beginning, however it will at some point catch up with you and will come with back dated interest and fines.

What taxes do I have to pay as a non-resident?

As a non-resident you are responsible to pay local taxes called the IBI or the Spanish equivalent of council tax as well a type of Spanish income tax for owning a property regardless of whether you generate an income from it or not.

Why do I have to pay income tax on a property I don’t rent out?

By law in Spain any non-resident property owner is to pay a small tax percentage on a possible income and accumulated value. It´s really an small amount and the Spanish Residents has the same tax on their declarations.