The Probate in Spain is no more complicated than in other countries, only the formalities and language make it advisable to get in the hands of professionals. From Abad & Associates we have helped thousands of expatriates receive their inheritances in Spain, in a smoothly way and avoiding long delays and unexpected costs. For the development of the whole process it is common for the heirs, especially if you do not live in Spain, to provide a Power of Attorney to deal with all the tasks required for the process. The first step will always be to request a Certificate of last will to the Central Registry of Madrid to verify if the deceased had made or not a will in a notary, and if so, locate the will and obtain a copy of it. Before you can dispose of the estate, you will have to settle the corresponding Inheritance Tax. Abad & Associates will carry out the settlement in an ideal way in order to avoid future problems and pay what is fair according to the Spanish tax rules. Remember that you can not even use the bank accounts of the deceased if you have not proven to the bank that the inheritance tax has been paid so it is a good idea not to delay the settlement of this tax. Subsequently, the partition procedure will have to be done in order to enforce the will of the testator and that each heir receives what is due according to the wishes of the deceased. Abad & Asociados is often designated as executor in the wills of our own customers in order to ensure that partition procedures are conducted according to your wishes and ensure that the process is fast, efficient, and completely transparent to the heirs. If your loved ones have bequeathed property in Spain, contact us, we can help.