Investment in Spain are becoming more and more common and of worldwide interest , not only because of the high standard of living it has to offer, appealing to many clients, but also due to government incentives that Spain and the EU are giving. Spain has realized the importance of investment and wants to embrace it. However, this means that anyone wishing to invest in Spain will need to be up to date with current taxation regulations and percentages, in order to be able to calculate what it will cost to maintain. Like in any country there are annual taxes attached to the property in order to keep it, as well as maintaining the area surrounding it. Whatever the reason of purchasing a property in Spain, whether for rentals/lets, a holiday how, or for retirement, the purchase and the maintenance will be the same. The only difference will be in if any income is made from it. If it is only for private use, then the property is simply a capital asset, however, if it is for rentals, where money is made from the use of the property, then whether you are a resident in Spain or not you will have to declare it here. At Abad & Asociados we have an experienced professional team of lawyers and accountants dully qualified on looking for the more efficient tax solutions for your investment in Spain. From forming S.L. companies when appropriate, to the creation of more complex structures such as SOCIMI, ETVE, or holding companies which will provide you absolute security on your investment and much lower taxation invoices. Our experience and knowledge allow us to use the more sophisticated legal vehicles in order to reach your expectations. At ABADs law and accounting firm you can have complete confidence in knowing that a professional team that keeps up on current regulation that will affect national and international clients.