Can companies of which I have purchased stock invest in rented real state?

Indeed, there is no prohibition.

Can I purchase property through a company?

Yes you can, given that the company’s registered address isn’t located in a tax haven and you control it.

Could companies of which I have purchased invest in other companies?

Certainly, there is nothing against it.

How can Abad Abogados help me purchasing stock in Spain?

At Abad & Associates we have an extensive experience and professionals of the highest level. We will advise you so your investment complies with every legal requirement and we will also put at your disposal our network.

How can I purchase stock in Spain?

To invest in the stock market in Spain you can turn to an intermediary member of the stock market, but first you´ll have to open a securities account to store the stock you buy. Also, you can turn to a non-member intermediary, although purchase/sell orders will always go through a member.

How much do I have to invest in real state to obtain a visa in Spain?

You have to invest 500.000 €, in one or several properties.

Is enough buying a property?

Indeed, it´s enough investing 500.000 € in real estate.

One stock is purchased,will I automatically get a visa?

You won´t, it is necessary to submit a proper application with documents proof of purchase attached, this application will be reviewed and approved if meets every requirement.

Which are the legal obligations to set up a company in Spain?

Dependent on the type of entity chosen and the company activity legal formalities may vary but usually always it´s necessary a corporate name negative certification, constituent deed, articles of incorporation, identification number, tax payment and company registration.