The residence in Spain for EU members is easy . Get it with Abad Abogados

Residency in Spain for EU members

Residency in Spain is just confirming that you as an individual or family unit are set to spend more than 3 months (90 days) in Spain, which by law you must declare. To have had any functionality in Spain you will have of applied for the NIE number and is needed to achieve residency in Spain. But you can only apply for it if you have had a presence in Spain for more than three months while at the same time not being legal allowed to stay in Spain afterwards without residency.

There are two forms of residency.

  • Individual residency: this refers to an individual living in Spain, for prolong periods of time, such as ex-patriots. The NIE and NIF are need for day to day activity.
  • Fiscal residency: this is when there is only a financial presence in Spain, where the NIF number is more important.

ABAD lawyers will be happy to advise you as to your particular needs.

The residency application form is usually submitted through the designated police station with in the province area where you reside. Whether you plan to stay for a short set period or permanently, it is necessary, and as time progresses the intervals between renewals will become larger. Residency goes in stages, at first it is under a year, where you are considered a temporary resident, following renewal it increases to five years and then 10 years where you are considered a permanent resident.

To gain residency you must present these documents upon submission.

  • NIE number certificate
  • Photocopies of passport and photographs
  • Proof of address such as the Padrón
Upon acceptance you will receive a green residency A4 paper residency with incorporated NIE certificate stating name, address, nationality, NIE number and date of registration.  Government bodies have begun to issue smaller version of the paper with a thin layer of plastic covering it, so that it is portable. The A4 page was uncomfortable to keep on you. For Non-EU members an actual card is given which will have your Visa incorporated where needed.

Padrón Explained

If you are living in Spain or wish to use local amenities then you will need to register with your delegated town hall for your area. The Padrón is a certificate acknowledging the persons living at an address, as part of the town’s population list. This is beneficial as it allows for your town hall to apply for more government funding, improving public services in the area. It also permits you to register with public amenities such as schools, doctors and local elections.

To get the Padrón certificate you go to the areas town hall with the appropriate documents.

  • Copies of passport, NIE number, deeds and utility bill and other requirements depending on the Town Hall