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Residency in Spain

If you are thinking of changing your residency, we assure you that Spain should be one of your options, we point out the reasons:

The climate: The Spanish Mediterranean has the best climate in Europe: Murcia (Costa Cálida), Alicante (Costa Blanca), Almería, Baleares, Málaga (Costa del Sol) live on the coast with sun, sea and beautiful beaches with calm waters. In winter it is easy to enjoy 18 º C as an average temperature.

Healthy Food Diet.  The Mediterranean diet based on many excellent fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish … is insurance to longevity and quality of life. Learning the cuisine of Spain and its food is an excellent idea. There is the traditional and the molecular gastronomy that has led Ferra Adria to be considered the best chef in the world.

Attractive Lifestyle. The good weather and excellent gastronomy can accomplish a quiet & healthy lifestyle if you take advantage of the excellent opportunities to practice sports: sailing, golf, hiking, biking and resorts with sport areas with: tennis, golf, etc.

Gorgeous Landscapes & Sites. Those of us who already have been living in Spain for many years are always surprised to discover a charming place, a new magical corner and its towns. Despite the increase in population around the coast, the interior is rich in quiet rural nature and exceptional heritage…. The half million square meters of Spanish geography is a singular example of biodiversity that encloses a continent of climates and landscapes.

The Happiness and Human quality of the people. The Spanish people love the fiestas and happiness. They are open, imaginative and generous. Have a very fascinating history and a mixture of cultures and unique experiences in Europe. Today it is an advanced country with multinational companies in key areas and services like hospitality that have surpassed many other European countries. Its language is spoken by more than 450 million people in the world. It´s worth while!

The Prices. All though in many aspects the services and quality of life surpasses most part of the countries in Europe, the prices are situated below the European average, improving the purchasing power of the families´ income that come to live here.

The Culture, the history, the uniqueness… Spain was instrumental in the Roman Empire, to Carthage … the only European country that shared eight centuries with the Arab civilization during its greatest splendour. Discoverer of a new world: the American Continent where 400 million people speak Spanish and forged one of the longest and most important empires of history coinciding with its “Golden Century”. A land of contrasts, with Cervantes, Picasso, Lorca, Dalí …

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