Our team of tax advisors with our probate law experts can study your international heritage status for the purpose of optimizing the tax burden to be borne by your heirs. This study is, in our opinion a must, if you have a large estate, businesses, stocks, etc…Since, with sufficient prevision, and fulfilling certain requirements, in Spain you may be exempted from taxation for much of your estate, as Spain offers the greatest number of bonuses in the European system regarding transmission on death or donation of family company shares, regardless of its size. Therefore, not only upon your death, but if you’re planning to retire and pass the management of your company abroad to your relatives, Spain can be a good place where you, as a tax resident, can properly plan the succession, and enjoy the weather and the quality of life that the country offers. Like any planning, it should be done by professionals in the field and in time. For more information contact Abad Abogados y Economistas, we are your best choice for planning your future, without leaving much of your achievements during this life in inheritance taxes.