Peter Dahl

Peter Dahl has working as C.E.O in the banking market and has devoted a substantial part of his career (32 years) working on matters relating to investment banking in Asien, United state and the Europe countries.

Peter worked as C.E.O. in the investment banking in Hong Kong, Switzerland and United state. Peters specialization is investment banking & finance. Peter is often engaged early in the process and regularly takes part in the strategic discussions that lead up to an investment or financing. Peter has extensive experience of international banking business and specialists in mergers & acquisitions, corporate, joint ventures, investments, securities law and corporate commercial.

Peter has 10 years of experience in real estate and works daily to develop custom solutions for our client’s needs with regard to legal conditions, market conditions and other legal and commercial conditions. Peter is today an advisor and translator to ABAD Abogados in La Zenia office regards to real estate market in Spain