I am a resident in Spain and I have made a will in the UK, should I make one in Spain?

It is advisable to do so, particularly as it wont invalidate you UK will, but simply reinforce it and protect your belongings/assets in Spain safeguarding them. It will speed up the process for your love ones so they main with the six months period and will reduce the taxes they will pay.

I have already made a will, do I have to make a will in Spain?

No you do not have to, because a will should included all your belongings worldwide, however it is strongly advisable to do so, as it will make the process a lot easier for your love ones at a later date, and it will not make your other will invalid.

Why should I make a Spanish will if I am non-residents?

When ever the day should come it will make it a much smoother for your love ones to deal and make the change over in Spain, as well is keeping with in the 6 month allowed period to complete. It might also easy some taxes which they will be responsible to pay.

Will my belonging automatically transfer to my husband or wife if anything did happen?

Unfortunately not the case in Spain. Unlike in the UK where there is a marriage exception, in Spain your partner would simple be taxed and treated for the part that you owned, which is usually 50%, in which they would have to pay inheritance tax.

Will the will/testament be in English?

No, the original will is in Spanish, but we offer you a double language will in order to be 100% sure of the content of your will.