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Will in Spain

will in Spain may not seem very important, given that you probably have already had one done in your country, or were you reside. This is generally true, because usually wills that have been drawn up correctly and legally should by law be able to include all national and international assets/belongings. However, while the process can be done it tends to take longer and be more stressful then it should be, for the simple reason that that the Spanish authorities, just like any other country would have to validate an overseas transaction. This is usually time consuming and adds additional worries on to the family´s list, things that could be avoided.

There are some good reasons for making a Spanish will, solely or in addition to one you might already have. Firstly it makes the whole situation a lot easier and smoother for the inheritors. It will be easier on them, because things were left in order; this means that they will have clear direction in a country that they may not be familiar with and the entire process will just be simpler and quicker. Secondly, and most importantly, it will by a considerate amount lower taxes, because if you hire someone who knows the procedure, they will be able to advise you on the best was to set up your belongings to reduce inheritance tax, and this of course will most importantly mean that in the end the benefactors are the ones that will take care of what you worked hard to obtain in the first place and not government bodies.

Wills in Spain are drawn up by a Spanish registered lawyer and then presented and signed before a public notary, making the will legally official and recognisable by law. In the event that there is not a will or testament in place, then it can be somewhat of a long process in proving that your family is in fact the heirs to the belongings in question, particularly if there are more than one person involved.  It will also turn in to a lengthy transaction if there are more than one party involved and an agreement is not met, whether a will is present or not, it can sometimes lead to it having to be settled in court.

ABAD lawyers and accountants can complete the proceedings for you and your family, we can ensure that your will is correctly done enabling a hassle free time for your family members given the circumstances, at least giving them one less thing to be concerned with.