A Spanish will should be an important part of general organisation and planning even when you not residing in Spain on a permanent basis. A Spanish will should be incorporated as it will in the long run save a lot of time, effort and money. A Spanish will is just as important to residents, so people residing in Spain long term and are to be considered to be living in Spain, as it is to non-residents, that is people who do not live in Spain, but have a fiscal presents instead of physical and on come on occasions. Unlike inheritance taxes is the UK for example, it is the person that is taxed and not the estate itself, and therefore it can quickly get a little out of control if there were no safeguards put in place to facilitate the process for the benefiters. This is particularly true if they are very familiar with Spain. Given that Spain gives a period of six months for the situation to be resolved, it suddenly becomes a lot quicker and easier when a Spanish will is present, and in the end usually saves a lot of money. This is also the case in terms of taxes, because it is normal that with a Spanish will taxes in comparison to a situation where one does not exist, are considerably reduced. A Spanish will is treated similar to an official document. In Spain a will is drawn up by a lawyer and then presented and signed before a public notary, where the original is kept, registered, and stored safely, while you take an official authorised copy. Ding it this way actually adds a lot of security to the whole process, because it will be very hard for it to be made official without full agreement on your behalf. So while the lawyer is needed to draw up the initial will everything will be double checked before it becomes final, and goes on a document registry. It is strongly advisable that you hire a Spanish lawyer who speaks English so that there are not misunderstandings when it counts. Also it is vital that you understand the whole procedure. ABAD LAWYERS are not only qualified experienced multilingual professionals, but we have all the resources at our disposal to reassure you the best possible service very step of the way.